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Simon Seeberger

Name: Simon Seeberger
Place: Munich
Birth Date: 03.02.1981
Age: 27

Job: Projektmanager @ BMW's --> lots of holliday ;-)

Hobbys: Whitewater- and Expeditionkayaking, Snowboarding, eating

Sponsors: RIOT Kayaks, Kober Paddles, Plusmax

Equipment: RIOT Magnum '80 + '72, Kober Scorpion + Spirit

Terrain: Water

Favorit Terrain: high technical Drops and continous steep creeking

Homerun: Brandenberger Ache Favourit River: Verzasca (CH), Melezza (IT), Rio Puelo (CL)

Success: Kayaking lots of hard and remote rivers all over the globe.

2008: 16th Straight down Striit 12th Interlaken Kayak-Trophy
2007: 8th European Outdoorgames
2006: 6th Oetztal Extremerace ...

Slogan: 'VIEL hilft viel‘

Aims & Future: More Expeditions with friends. Kayaking the Sarj Djaz from Kirgistan to China. Get more fat for better insulation.

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