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PlusAir I (EN966 for Freeflight)

Plusmax's Performance Helmets for the extreme sports athlet! PlusAir I is the perfect choice for extreme sports activities like Paragliding, Hang Gliding, Base Jumping and Skydiving. The helmet is now available in 8 colours black, white, electric blue, green, grey, orange, red and brown. The PlusAir features an ABS shell which prevents objects from penetrating through the shell, the EPS interior caters for the shock absorption and the interior velour clima cool padding ensures lasting comfort and durability. Sizes are available in all colours from 54 cm to 62 cm. All PlusAir I Helmets are compatible with „The Guard" (optional Chinguard). The Plusair I is also backed up by the Plusmax World Wide Warranty.



Passive Ventilation
Goggle Retention
Clip Closure System
Removable Ear Cover
Plusmax safety design
11 air-vents
Comfort chinstrap
Closed liner for cold days
Plusmax World Wide Lifetime Warranty
Shell:: ABS Technology
Lining:: Hydro-Cool
Freeflight Standard:: CE EN966
Weight:: 470g (m)

Colours: black, white, electric blue, green, grey, orange and red
Finish: Soft Touch coated
Sizes: XS = 54, S = 56, M = 58, L = 60, XL = 61, XXL = 62 (units in cm)
Options: „The Guard“ detachable Chinguard

PlusAir Product Brochure

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PDF File 31.2 MB


Colour Options:/

brown soft touch, NEW 2012 Colour

black soft touch

green soft touch

grey soft touch

red soft touch

orange soft touch
Electric blue soft touch

White soft touch
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