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PlusAir UL (EN966/UL for Freeflight, Paramotoring and Ultralight Flying)

Plusmax's Performance Helmets for the extreme pilot! PlusAir UL is the perfect choice for ultralight flying activities like Paramotoring, Ultralight flying, Gyrocopter flying and Weightshift Microloght flying. Helmet is available in 3 colour options black, grey and red. The Plusair UL features an ABS shell which ensures lasting comfort and durability. The PlusAir UL is optional fitted with the 'Plusmax Earmuffs' for noise reduction. Instead of the earmuffs it can be fitted with standard intercom systems available. The PlusAir UL design is earmuffs ready. The PlusAir UL is also backed up by the Plusmax World Wide Lifetime Warranty.




Passive Ventilation                                          
Goggle Retention
Clip Closure System
Removable Ear Cover
Plusmax safety design
11 air-vents
Comfort Wire chinstrap
Closed liner for cold days
Plusmax Earmuffs inclusive
Plusmax World Wide Lifetime Warranty
(Plusmax parts only)
  Shell:: ABS Technology
Lining:: Hydro-Cool
UL Freeflight Standard:: CE EN966/UL
Weight:: 470g (M no earmuffs)

Colours: black, white, electric blue, green, grey, orange and red
Finish: Soft Touch coated
Sizes: S = 56, M = 58, L = 60, XL = 61, XXL = 62
Options: Earmuffs, Headset Mount
Earmuff ready Design                                                   
  Download Product Brochure PlusAir UL EN 966 UL

Colour Options:/

red soft touch
grey soft touch

Other Options:/

Plusmax Earmuffs
Plusmax Headset Mount
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